Thank you for coming Across the Hedge with me!

Across the Hedge is home to the projects and craziness of Kai Jones of Járnsmiður Kindred. Here you will find a podcast, videos about plants, and crafts, a shop full of things I make, and my blog and library.


A podcast about Modern Heathen Living, with a slant towards home making.

In main episodes we discuss a topic of importance to modern heathenry, share information about an herb, household hints, and a practical section that covers things such a meditation, divination, survival, camping, and ritual.

In Story Telling episodes we have an audio play of a folk or fairy tale.

And in Saga episodes, we tell a saga, with character voices, and break down the meaning of the words and actions. And every show has a new recipe to try.

All of our recipes from each podcast are posted here on our site in the show notes for their respective podcast. You can see them all on the podcast page.

The podcast Across The Hedge has ended

You can listen to past episodes in the archive.


What is happening Across the Hedge right now?

Across the Hedge as a podcast is done. It has been more than two years since I have managed to produce an episode. The archives are still here, but I do not plan on creating any more podcasts.  

My efforts are currently focused on teaching in person, and serving as clergy for my local community. I am considering developing online courses. But that is still in the planning and logistics stage.

I am not sure what sort of future remains for this online presence. I would like to continue to organize and share my vast digital library, however, my waking hours are spent elsewhere. We shall see how it falls out.

The Athenaeum

Here you will find my digital library, my blog, and an index directly to the various recipes, patterns and calendar articles scattered through out the site.

My blog includes writings about my crafts, some patterns that I have created, recipes, ravings and rants about various pet peeves, and other frayed ends.