Episode 20: The Singing BoneClick here to listen!

Season 2 Episode 20: The Singing Bone

This faery tale has been told again and again and has many variations the world over. I found versions from England, Turkey, Russian. Pakistan, Germany, and India, just to name a few. The version I am telling here is from the traditional English tale associated with Binnorie.

You will probably recognize the elements of the story, as this version has been retold by Lorenna McKennit in her song The Bonny Swans, and by Omnia in their song Harp of Death.

Our recipes this week are Uzvar, a cider fruit drink, and Kutia, a wheat and poppy seed dish.

This episode is 32 minutes long.

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Special Thanks to the voice actors for this episode:
Ralph Romig, Drake Jones, Burke Jones, and Noni Stewart

Sound effects used in this episode:

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