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Athenaeum comes from the Greek Athēnaion, denoting the temple of Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. It is used in modern English to denote institutions or libraries for literary or scientific study.

This website originally started as a place to host my podcast, Across the Hedge. It has since grown to be a collection of the many things I create, and the studies I pursue. The podcast was conceived of to be entertaining and informative. And in many of the articles I write for the show, I reference a number of works. To this end, I have collected together here the various writings and references.

Some of this is in the form of my personal blog. It is old, and I rarely write it in these days, but like a good journal, it is useful to refer back to.

Below you will find an index of calendar entries, and recipes to make it easier to find things scattered through out the site.

The rest of this is my digital library. Uploading, maintaining and most importantly organizing a digital library is a daunting task, especially for one the size I have. But I am biting it off in little pieces, and I want to share what I have, even though the work is not complete. Please enjoy.

Witch's Almanac Book

Long ago, I wrote three books. They were annual, local almanacs. The bulk of the information were my calculations for all of the astronomical and magical observations centered on Wichita, KS. Those calculations aren't really applicable anymore. But I did write additional articles for the books that are not time and place sensitive. I uploaded the monthly descriptions, from 2008, to my blog. And have linked them here for your enjoyment.

I also have the 2006 Witch's Almanac Book as a pdf. You can download it here. And because of the way it goes to printer, here is the image for the cover of the book. (I'm not sure what happened to the proofs for 2007 and 2008. I imagine they were lost in some hard drive crashes).


I like to cook. And I love to try new things in the kitchen. However, I am terrible at cooking to a recipe, or even really keeping track of what I am making. I just put stuff in the pot or skillet until it smells good and go from there.

So, as part of a challenge to myself, I am trying to write down and share the recipes I try and those I create. Some are on my blog, some are part of my podcast. This is the directory of all the recipes on my website.