Crocheted Bookmarks

Today I thought I would share another one of my passions. Besides loving hats, I am a certified bibliophile (and a sesquipedalianistlogodaedaly to boot).

So to keep track of all of my reading pursuits, I have been crocheting bookmarks.

I like for each book to have its own special bookmark. There is something charming about knowing that this book means enough to have its own work of art crafted for it.

The top green one with the ribbons I worked up a little while back from a pattern I found online. It is cute, and I think I may work some more with some changes. It currently lives in a copy of the Zohar.

The bottom one I also found the pattern online. It was rather difficult at first to see how it was going to work out, but it turned out great, and is one of my favorites. It is currently residing in Mulesand Men, by Zora Neale Hurston.

The pink one is a filet design that I made up as I went. I originally was going to make a pattern from (unfortunately no longer available), but then when I got to the first filled square, I realized that it was design for a 4dc mesh with half squares, and I had only done a 3 dc mesh. So I just made up a goddess type pattern as I went.

I am not a fan of pink, but I had some left in my stash from my great grandmother. So I used up the last of one ball of pink, and then when I ran out, I grabbed another ball of a variegated pink and white to make the tassel and connecting chain out of. And I used up yet another little scrap of pink thread to tie the tassel with and create the neck. This pretty little number is living in “OverSea, Under Stone,” the first in the Dark Is Rising series by Susan Cooper. If you like the Harry Potter books, you should definitely check these out. I am re-reading them again, and I just love them.

The top two crocheted bookmarks here are the same pattern. Usually called a V shell, or just a shell pattern. My great grandma taught me this, and I have several variations of them around. One lives in TheHerbalist by Joseph E. Meyer. If you are interested in herbs, or old remedies, this is a book you simply must own. It is an invaluable reference. The other is spending some time in a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories: TheAnnotated Sherlock Holmes. The link is to a newer version than what I have.

The next one down in green with the six petaled flower is just something I made up one night. It is currently residing in “TheMystical Qabalah” by DionFortune. Another one of those books you must read if you are interested in Western Occultism. I am reading it again for the more-than-I-can-remembereth time.

The bottom white one was inspired by this patternfor a book thong. Of course I didn’t really follow the pattern. This one is living in Cleopatra- a Biography by Michael Grant. This book is a bit ehh. It is definitely history, and can be dry at times. I find myself putting it down often, even though I like the dates and names type of history reading. But a friend loaned it to me, saying that is was supposed to be the most complete look at her entire life, not just the parts she was famous for.

I still have lots of crochet thread left in my stash from my great grandmother. So I am off to make more bookmarks. If you have an odd or unusual pattern link, send it my way.

I found several of the patterns I used here.

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