New Little Witch Hat

Just in time for our Samhain trick or treating, I finished my sweety’s Witch Hat. It is made like the other witch hats I have done but on a smaller scale.

I started with 3 sc in a magic ring and increased by 3 each round. It is crocheted in a spiral to save me the frustration of joins. The band is just done with tapestry crochet, and the buckle is crocheted in with copper embroidery floss. I left very long tails on the copper and used them to sort of over stitch and weave back in the ends all at once.

I made the cone part and took it down around the back so it would cover her ears in one piece. I just turned once I got to the forehead area. Then I broke the yarn and stitched on the brim. It is roughly 3 sc, followed by 2 sc in the fourth stitch. I went around the posts of the stitches of a round just below the purple band. After that I went in a spiral in sc increasing by about 3 per round. I didn’t really count this as I was just following the shape as I went.

I then added on the ties. I started at the lower front edge and chained until I had the length I wanted. I then did sc back up the chain and around the bottom of the hat. After 10 stitches I did a sc decrease until the last 10 stitches. This gathered in the back of the hat and made it curve under the back of her head. I then chained down until the length was the same as the other tie, and did sc back up it. I ended off and wove in the ends. It turned out beautifully and it keeps her nice and warm!

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