Putting in a Garden

My Celosia
My Celosia

I have managed to completely clear out and rearrange the front office in the last week, and I am now slowly unpacking and moving back in.Well, I guess I must now officially add gardening to my long list of hobbies. We have been spending the last couple of weekends putting in a veggie garden, and lots of house plants. So for outside we have 9 tomato plants (1 is already giving us tiny tomatoes, and 4 of them I just planted this morning), 1 artichoke, 1 summer squash, 4 butter lettuce, and 6 asparagus plants. In the seed beds I have planted carrots, zucchini, leaf lettuce, onions, garlic, wax beans, radishes and cucumbers.

Out in my front beds I’ve got four rose bushes that were here when we bought the house, and have added some digitalis from seeds, some spider worts, spearmint, peppermint, lemon balm, and some pretty purple wild flowers I found by the river.

Inside I have starts for another 33 tomato plants, cantaloupes, watermelons, dill, basil, more mint, honeysuckle and pumpkins. And in planters we have some sage, rosemary, parsley, 2 airplane plants, several pothos, scented geranium and some petunias.

I spent about two hours this morning working on the next beds. The problem is we have encountered the section that was driveway in the backyard. And it is filled with gravel. I dug and dug, and picked, and scooped and dug some more in a little area about 4 by 3 feet. I had to dig down about 18 inches to get all the gravel. And now I am out of buckets! I need to make a sifting screen and find a wheel barrow or some other containers to catch the soil and store the gravel. I guess I can pile the gravel on a tarp, but I need a container up off the ground to sift through and get the gravel separated from the soil. I gotta go raid the garage and see what I can build.

At the moment it is the heat of the day, so we are all inside doing our afternoon interior chores. Me and the kidletswill go back out this evening since Superman has to work late and rebuild two file servers that crashed early this morning! Oz and MoTo have a friend over for the afternoon and they are a rolling batch of loud noise! But they are great fun. It is the first day out of school for them and they are all having a blast.

The kids spent the garden time digging up the paversfrom a buried patio we found the in backyard and moving them into the garden to build the paths. And of course some rain forest jungle dancing (better known as playing in the sprinkler), stalking the jungle animals (chasing birds and squirrels in the back yard), and bush whacking through the dense forest in search of buried Mayan temples (swatting at the tall grass with sticks).

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