More Garden Time

The corner tomato jungle.
The corner tomato jungle. This picture is from later in the year, but you can see the trellis structure.

I spent yesterday and today working in the garden. And I think only about an hour of the total ten was spent digging in the dirt. My main pursuit was trellising. I managed to build teepees out of various materials from our yard and garden. I built a rather large ponderous one about 8 to 9 feet tall I am guessing for the summer squash plant. This was made out of sheet rock corners Superman found in the garage. Then I built some smaller ones only about 7 foot high for the tomatoes out of some re-bar, old pipes, and branches I found in the yard. I created some cross pieces from carpet wool to hold the plants in. And I hope to get the squash in place tomorrow. I also dug out the carrot patch again and put in another path. Lots and lots of wild morning glory up the fence there.

I did come across some bags of grass clippings today in running my errands, and brought a couple home for mulching. But just didn’t get to them this evening. After 10 pm tonight, me and the boys went out and harvested two huge bundles of yarrow by moonlight. I didn’t even make a dent in what was there. The bundles were too big to hang on the rafters in the kitchen, so at the moment they are in my entry way. I need to find somewhere else I can hang bunches to dry.

I have a lot more trellises to put in tomorrow. As I would like to get the other tomato plants and the beans all done before they get too big. And then Thursday we are going to plant a sunflower house. It is a bit late, but I think we can still enjoy it.

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