Some Harvesting- Roses

Rose petals on the table cloth

Look at all the rose petals. A few days ago the rose bushes were burgeoning with beautiful flowers. So I did the ‘Morticia’ thing and picked them all off. Then I sat down and watched a History Channel special while I separated the petals from the rest of the flower. It came out to about a gallon and a half of fresh rose petals.

I took them up to the third floor, where it is warm and dry and spread them out on this drying cloth. I checked on them today, and they have dried, but they aren’t done yet. They have reduced their volume by about 2/3rds. These smell lovely! They will be used to make teas and incenses. They will also be put into oils and perhaps a few mojo hands. There is now a second crop out on the rose bushes of about the same quantity. I think we may take these fresh and make rose water out of them. The rose water is a great astringent and toner for the skin, very good for that emerging acne of the hormone laden teenage years. I also use it as an offering during full moons, and as a component in the blend I make for water used to pour ghost roads. When adding a rose flavor or scent to a smoke, I prefer to use rose water as the moistening agent while rubbing the herbs into the mullein.

Magically speaking, these rose petals are of a delicate vibration, and make many things sweet. The dried petals would be ideal in a sugar jar for love and beauty in the home. They would also go well in the sugar jar with some cloves for eloquent speaking or ‘honeyed words.’ Rose petals are of course known for their use in love work. But the love here is very young, naive, and innocent. So, if you are looking for any other flavors of love, be sure to add to those roses. Another thing to note, is don’t burn roses for love. The changing of the smell doesn’t seem to carry through the love feelings or energies.

Rose petals are also great in an anointing oil for enhancing the psychic senses. I prefer to add lavender if I’m going up in vibration, and mugwort for going down in vibration. For communing with fey on midsummer’s eve, adding in some flower petals from the mallow family also has a synergistic effect for me.

Nothing Like Time….

Half of the library piled into the dining room
Half of the library piled into the dining room

…to make the heart grow fonder. Or something like that. I’ve been away for some time. To say things have changed would be an understatement. But in the way of all things, they are still pretty much the same.

My gardens are growing and maturing bit by bit. I am still knitting and crocheting away. I have even added weaving to the list of crazy fiber pursuits. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my herbs in my apothecary, concocting new blends for incense, smokes, oils, and other sundry things. Been working on organizing the library too. It is a bit daunting, but it needs some love. I have a craft room, set up and ready for lots of fun. Just need to get up there and get to it.
I feel like dusting off the proverbial pen (and hopefully the camera) and seeing what I can make out of this place again. Not sure where I am going, or at what pace I shall travel.