Energies in the Earth


Fault Zones. Above some fault zones, various minerals and rocks have been violently mixed together, causing magnetic and electrical anomalies and even measurable variations in gravity. Far from being fixed, gravity, magnetism and the direction of true north on a compass may all vary at points on the surface of the earth. For example, the type metallic ore in rock determines its magnetic properties while the thickness of the earth’s crust or the altitude at a certain site can influence the measurable gravitational force. Under tectonic pressure, fault zones can show changing energy fields too. Some researchers suggest that fault zones might possibly cause altered states of consciousness in susceptible people.

Around the world, sacred sites are time and again found to be positioned
on fault lines. Just north of Flagstaff, Arizona, lies an ancient Anasazi site, Wapatki Pueblo (above), built over blowholes that inhale and exhale air over six-hour periods. These blowholes are openings in the earth that are connected to vast underground geological fault systems.

The Anasazi and other American Indians of the southwest dug holes in the floors of their kivas (circular subterranean ceremonial chambers), possibly with the intention of forming entrances to the sacred underworld. At Wapatki Pueblo, these holes connect directly to the blowholes beneath, which may indicate that fault systems played an essential part in Anasazi ceremonies.

Measuring radioactivity. At Long Meg in Cumbria, the Dragon Project discovered a few of the stones at the site contains small areas or nodes that emitted continuous streams of gamma radiation. These were the same stones that reportedly gave Peter Thomborrow his shock. While granite is usually slightly radioactive, these standing stones are unusual in that they appear to possess concentrated points of energy.

Radiation itself may not have been the cause of Thomborrow’s reported disorientation. Dragon Project researchers, however, have discovered zones of heightened natural radiation at ancient sites, caused by the presence of granite or other radioactive minerals, or an issue of radon gas from the ground, may have an effect on sensitive individuals.

At the Rollright Stone Circle (above) near Oxford, England, a series of measurements revealed a 1,000-foot length of the lane adjacent to it produces higher-than-normal background geiger counts. One possible explanation is this might be caused by energy-emitting rocks in the road’s foundation.

That specific stretch of road near the Rollright Stones has been the site of many curious experiences. Among these, witnesses have reported seeing a car containing two people disappear as it approached the stone circle; a huge, dog-like creature with coarse grey hair appears fleetingly and then vanishes; and an old-fashioned gipsy caravan that appeared and then just as suddenly disappeared. Although these strange sightings at the site might be explained away as mere optical illusion or simple misunderstandings, the people involved seemed to believe the sightings were part of some sort of hallucinatory effect caused by the site’s mysterious properties.

Effects of radiation. Other unexplained effects occur at sites that appear to exhibit enhanced natural radiation. Most of Europe’s underground chambers are found in areas with a high proportion of granite rocks or where stones with some degree of uranium in them have been found. Inside Chun Quoit (above), a 5,000-year-old Cornish dolmen (a type monument that consists of two or more upright stones supporting a horizontal slab), British archaeologist John Barnatt and a photographer, Brian Larkman, saw bands of light flashing along the bottom of the horizontal slab. Geiger counter readings that were significantly higher than normal background readings have reportedly been recorded at the dolmen.

Some researchers, including Blanche Merz, believe ancient builders were aware of the effects of radiation and chose sites in order to make use of “the play of natural forces.”

Source: Earth’s Mysterious Places

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