Pagan Prayer Beads, Part Two

This is part two, see part one here.

Once you have some simple ideas under your belt for using prayer beads, you can move on to more complex ideas. They are of course great for repeating simply mantras over and over again, but what about the beads that have multiple sections, or sections with differing numbers?

In the last post I briefly touched on the ideas of sacred numbers. Expanding to a more complex format for meditation, often incorporates these sacred numbers and using them in different ways. For example if you have a set of beads with 4 sets of 9 beads, 3 sets of 3 divider beads, and a lead in section of 3 beads,  you may wish to use the 4 sets as the four directions, elements, etc. So one each bead in each of these sets you would say a short prayer or mantra appropriate to each element. As you come to the divider sections, you may repeat an opening or closing, or a gratitude prayer on each one. So that might look like this:

Lead in section: (breathing and spending as much time on each step as needed)

  1. I am grounded in my practice. I am grounded in my breath. I am grounded in my body.
  2. I am centered in my practice. I am centered in my breath. I am centered in my body.
  3. I am aligned with the earth. I am aligned with the axis mundi. I am aligned with the central star.

Then the first set of 9:

  • In the east I align with the prosperity in earth. Through this wisdom I know. (9x)

Then a divider section:

  • Within and without, I learn the wisdom of the elements. (3x)

The second set of 9:

  • In the south I align with the power in fire. Through this wisdom I will. (9x)

Then repeat the divider section.

The third set of 9:

  • In the west I align with the peace in water. Through this wisdom I dare. (9x)

Then repeat the divider section.

The fourth set of 9:

  • In the north I align with the protection in air. Through this wisdom I am silent. (9x)

Then you can continue around as many times as wanted, or complete the meditation by using the lead in beads in reverse.

  1. I am aligned with the earth. I am aligned with the axis mundi. I am aligned with the central star.
  2. I am centered in my practice. I am centered in my breath. I am centered in my body.
  3. I am grounded in my practice. I am grounded in my breath. I am grounded in my body.


This gives you 9 (3×3) recitations for the divider section, 9 for each element and an opening and closing. That is just one example of course, with just one possible format. The possibilities and combinations are endless. But it is important that once you find one that works well, you keep repeating it. The power of meditation beads lies in repetition.

If you wish to repeat the cycle multiple times without using the lead in beads some people like to flip the beads over in their hand and go back the other way counting on them. Other will use the connector to act as another divider section, making for a seamless round of repeats. It is all about how you want to use them.

Sacred numbers and their meaning vary from culture to culture, and practitioner to practitioner. You should find what each of the base or prime numbers mean to you. There are a lot of books out there full of ideas for you to start with, but I think the most meaningful comes from applied life experience and an understanding of your own culture’s mythos.

For me, I have associations with the numbers 0-10. However 0 won’t be applicable to a number of repetitions. I don’t really have many associations with the ‘double’ numbers such as 11, 22, 33, 44, etc. Some people do.

  1. The self, the monad, the singular point. An idea, beginning.
  2. Duality, opposites, cancellation. A line, force before form.
  3. Triad, form, the plane. Relationships, community, flow.
  4. Grounding, stability, stasis, protection, fortification.
  5. Dynamic, movement, humans, divine spark, centering.
  6. Balance, rotation, harmony.
  7. Path, plan, journey, transition.
  8. Manifestation, double fortification.
  9. Action on all three planes (from and Indo-European idea of here, above and below), 3×3, flow of the flow, divine harmony.
  10. Completion, end, full set. everything grounded and ready to begin again.

These are just my ideas. They have influences from all sorts of things; math, study of dimensions, tarot, etc. Develop your own that makes sense within your worldview.

Also remember the ideas of applying these when we talk about repetitions. So if we take a 6 idea (harmony and balance) and repeat it 3 times (community, relationships) we would be using the numbers to develop a community of harmonies and balances, lots of already balanced people or things coming together to make a new community. But conversely if we take a 3 idea and repeat it 6 times, we would be developing a harmony of community, taking an existing community and bringing it into harmony. Subtle difference, but I find it does make a difference when using the beads for casting or other work.

One of my favorite uses for witch’s beads, especially if they have a clasp, is to enchant things. I like to tie or string the item to be enchanted onto the beads. So the beads can spin through or by the object being enchanted. So for example I might take a ring and slide it onto the strand of beads. Then let it hang at the bottom as I rotate the beads through my hand, and repeat the spell or enchantment while counting the beads.

I encourage you to come up with different ways to use your beads. Explore the magic of math, and incorporate it into your meditations and casting. I would love to hear how you do that, your own associations for numbers, and some ways in which you’ve used your beads. Especially if it was something I didn’t cover! I’m always looking to learn.

Slow Grind

I know I have been absent for some time. It is has been a combination of some serious life readjustments due to health issues, and during the down time caused by that trying to figure out what I can reasonably do and commit to with the podcast project. I still don’t have answers. I’m going much slower than I was before, and I am re-stacking my priorities. My youngest son has been diagnosed with the same genetic disorder I have, that I just found out about for myself. It has been a lot of life readjustments around here. I feel like my whole world has been turned upside down, and I’m focused on supporting my son, as I am sure he is feeling the same and facing this at a much younger age.

There are a lot of things I want to say, either via podcast or via blogging. But I am having a hard time getting from those ideas to a finished, polished end product. I listen to many other podcasts (on all sorts of topics), and most of them are rambling, unedited, unpolished, conversational and seemingly excluding the audience. I don’t want to produce podcasts like that, but I can definitely see the appeal in the vast reduction of time spent editing, researching, writing and recording. Originally I had a partner to do this podcast with, and we were going to talk back and forth. But that didn’t work out for her. I’ve also looked into hiring editors, but this is not a money making venture, and I simply don’t have capital to pay a staff. I’m not trying to present excuses by any means, just thinking out loud and trying to work through the issues here. I’ve had several folks message me and ask if the podcast is still going or coming back. Especially since I dropped off in the middle of a saga.

TL:DR: I’m still here. I’m hoping to somehow come back and produce content again for this podcast and blog. But I don’t yet know how to make that work with my new life situation.

Pagan Prayer Beads, Part One

I’ve been making a lot of sets of prayer beads, based on all sorts of formulas. I am totally loving it! The use of a strand of knots or a strand of beads for a counting charm, or for counting prayers is nearly universal. Something small, and in the hand is a common human invention. It has, however, become ubiquitous as a Catholic (which means Universal) rosary. So much that there is a specific style of jewelry called a rosary chain.

Rosary Chain
A rosary chain is when each bead is strung on its own wire with an eye or loop on either side. These are hooked one to another without the use of additional jump rings.

Rosaries, and other meditation beads such as malas, become powerful tools in and of themselves, absorbing the emotions and energy of thousands of prayers and mantras said over them over time. Here are some prayer ideas to go with them:

Many folks in heathenry and paganism are loathe to incorporate Christian practices into their own practice, and I can completely understand why. However, as with so many other things, the idea of using a counter to keep track of prayers is much older and more widespread than the Christian practices.

Here I offer some prayers, mantras, and other ideas to go with the use of pagan prayer beads.

Pagan Prayer Beads
Three 9 count sections, separated by 4 seasons, and lead in with 3 beads for Land, Sea and Sky.

I’m kind of partial to the number 9 in my prayer beads. Oðinn hung on the tree for 9 nights, there are 9 worlds in Norse mythology, Heimdall has 9 mothers (along with numerous other occurences of 9 maidens or mothers in folklore), and the so many other ways in which 9 shows up as a mystical and sacred number. It is 3×3, and expresses a rhythm that feels like the rhythm of the earth to me.

Prayer beads may be used to say a mantra at each bead, or as a way to count breaths for meditative practices (among many other uses). For breathing, I enjoy the count of breath in 4, breath out 5. I also like breath in 2, hold for 2, breath out for 3, and hold for 2. The breathing out being 1 beat longer allows for me to completely empty my lungs, leading to deeper breathing and hence deeper, more solid trance states for me. Find a rhythm that works well for you.
A 9 or 10 bead count set lends itself wonderfully to spellcasting and using the traditional 9-knot charm:

By knot of one, the work’s begun,
By knot of two, the aim is true,
By knot of three, my words shall be,
By knot of four, the power’s stored,
By knot of five, the work’s alive,
By knot of six, the work is fixed,
By knot of seven, the truth is given,
By knot of eight, my will is fate,
By knot of nine, the work is mine.
(So mote it be, or other closing for the tenth bead if needed)

You could change the wording from “knot” to “count” or “step” or whatever works for you. When it comes to raising power or meditation, it is pretty personal.

Many prayer beads and rosaries have an introduction section that sticks off the main section. These are usually composed of a charm (in cases of Catholic rosaries this would be the crucifix), 3 or 4 beads or sections to count, and then the connector to the main body of the beads (known as a station on a Catholic rosary). There are many ways to view these beads and use them in your practice.

For sets with 3 lead in beads they may be seen as:

  • Maiden, Mother, and Crone
  • Mother, Father, and Child of Light
  • Land, Sea, and Sky
  • Grounding, Centering, and Alignment
  • Son, Father, and Sage
  • Body, Mind and Spirit or Physical, Mental, and Spiritual
  • Gods, Ancestors, and Self/Folk
  • and so many more combinations.

Some of the lead ins have 4 beads:

  • Earth, Air, Fire, Water
  • North, South, East, West
  • Inner, Outer, Lower, and Higher Selves
  • Home, Family, Work, and Self
  • any associations with the four elements
  • and many more

And some even have 5 beads:

  • Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit
  • North, South, East, West, Center
  • Opening up the first five chakras

With any of the lead in sections, you may use them for deepening breath work, and inducing opening stages of trance. I personally tend to hang out on these opening beads, repeating my entire breathing and deepening routine on each bead. This gives me a nice, solid trance state from which to work. And later associates in my mind these beads with the idea of a deep stable trance state.

Now, move onto the connector. For some people this may be a place to say a special opening prayer, or set the intent for the work ahead. It may also be seen as something like a guru bead on a mala, something not to be counted or prayed upon. The guru bead is often said to represent one’s teacher(s) both physical and spiritual, and so you allow them to be your doorway and connection, but you do not count on them, as it would be like stepping on them, or using them inappropriately. The important thing is that you find a reason and a meaning behind the action you choose to take. Meditation beads are a tool, and they are there to serve your practice.

Next is the body of the meditation beads. These are usually divided into sections, each with a certain number of beads. Some have 3 sets of 9, 13, or other. Some have 5 sets of 10. And some, like zen malas have a pattern of 7, 14, 66, 14, 7, or some other pattern of beads.

You may have purchased or made your beads with a set form in mind, or simply because they appealed to you. I suggest to start with that you simply work with your beads simply. Go around once, repeating the same thing for each section. After you’ve spent some time handling and working with them, you can begin finding more complex patterns and establishing your own patterns.


More on that in Part Two.

Youtube and such like

I got a new youtube video up: Check it out!

This is a tour of my garden in late September. It takes me a while to record and edit the videos. Still have to manage the day to day life necessities. I love being able to share little bits when I can. I’m working on fitting it in more often, and better managing all of life’s struggles.

My husband has started doing a daily vlog. I was contemplating that also, but I think I will put my efforts into the podcast. I am a little less than two weeks out from the opening of season two. I am having a blast working on the new segments and planning out the interviews and topics for next season. It is a lot of work. The longer the podcast goes on, the more I want to do with it, and hence the more time I put in every week. It really has become a part time job for me, clocking in at least 20 hours a week.

I’ve also hit another milestone in teh interwebs. I got my first dislike on YouTube. It was on my Altered Cigar Box video. And, someone bitched about my podcasts in general. From what I gathered from the post on Reddit, he took one of my rants/topics to mean the opposite of what I was trying to say. Mistaked me for a former Wiccan, and said I sprinkled profanity “willy, nilly” through out my segments to punctuate my points.

I got a good belly laugh out of that. I definitely use profanity to punctuate my points, as I do the rest of the words in my vocabulary. But I don’t do anything “willy, nilly.” For you folks that know me, and have listened to me speak for years, you can get a good laugh out of it too.

Anyways, I am working on the new segments, getting my thoughts on topics in order, and doing more art. It has been a rough summer, health wise. And I did not get done nearly as much as I wanted, especially in the creative pursuits realm. I’ve also got three rooms in the house that are in need of over hauls. Some rearranging, to wall repair, painting, and such like. I’m working on getting better cameras, lighting, and recording equipment to produce better quality videos and podcasts. It is a slow process.

Oh, You’re Wearing That?

“I don’t mean to go on a rant here” but I’m going to anyways.

The female culture in my little mid-western town really chaps my ass. I notice it because I have struggled for years with trying to figure out how to fit into it or understand it. It has taken me nearly 12 years to come to the realization that I am not socialized as a woman. I much prefer the culture of men, and find most of my friends there, even though I’ve got two X chromosomes.

I have tried to find female friends in the past. I have participated in many primarily female activities. I have worked hard to be honest with those around me that I struggle with these issues and have asked for their help. And yet, I still find myself not being able to understand it at the end of the day. So let me enumerate some of my confusions.

1) Look pretty.

I’ve heard it explained in many different ways, from ‘a good woman takes pride in her appearance,’ to ‘if you don’t make yourself look pretty, no one will find value in you.’ And none of them really connect in my mind. I’m not a fashionista. I don’t have a hard-on for shoes, nor do I coordinate my outfits. But that doesn’t equate to me lacking pride or self-worth. When I was a performance artist, I got many a compliment on my appearance from make-up to hair to costume. I taught classes and workshops for several years on these topics also. I’ve studied the human form and fashion in the sense of how fabric goes with the human body and how to manipulate such things to achieve the look I want.

But in the day to day world I wear T-shirts and jeans. They are comfortable, they fit, they don’t get in my way, and they allow me to do what I want to do. A belt to clip my knife on is essential. Belt loops for my keys, and pockets for my gloves. I need sturdy pants that won’t rip when I haul dirt or bricks, and a shirt that can get soaked in sweat and air back out. I never trained myself to ‘sit like a lady’ so skirts are often out of the question. And if they are longer than my knees, I think they are hot and hike them up for some air circulation, hence defeating the point of the long skirt in the first place.

I have long hair, which I keep up during the day. Pulled up into a bun or a braid. I don’t wear makeup, because I don’t see the point in my daily life. When I dress up, it is nice slacks and a nice button down shirt. I brush my hair and make sure I am clean. And while this would be fine were I male, it isn’t enough for a woman in this society.

2) Act like a ‘Lady’

I’m not exactly sure what a ‘Lady’ is in this circumstance. I am often told this when I am being crude and cracking a joke, laughing at myself, or in some other way poking fun at a taboo or fringe subject. And this I find amazingly narrow minded. As if having a vagina means I should not have a sense of humor, or perhaps only about certain things. And it usually comes up when I make sexual jokes or remarks. This bothers me too. There is so much bullshit red tape tied up with women and sex; from the virgin and whore paradox to the idea of Christian original sin. And I just can’t hack it into my life. When I find things funny, I laugh. When I find folks being uptight about something, I crack jokes. It is better for me than pointing out to them that they are uptight and uncomfortable with some aspect of their own life. I have no problems with my own sexuality, my own sensuality, and even that part of me that has a rather ribald sense of humour..

I also hear this admonition to ‘act like a lady’ when it comes to being a ‘good wife’ and supporting my husband. Now, I am totally for being a supportive spouse. After all, I love him enough to marry him, oath to him, live with him and raise children with him. There is no point in tearing the man down. But that is often not what folks mean with this sort of statement. They mean things like do the cooking and cleaning, don’t share your own problems and act submissive. And while doing ones’ fair share of the housework leads to a less hostile home environment, the others I think just make for a screwed up marriage. I trust my husband to be my partner. That means when I have problems, I talk them out with him. And when he has problems, he talks them out with me. We are there for each other. We share in the house duties. We share in each others’ lives, both the good and the bad. And we are on equal footing with one another. We don’t play games, whether those are power struggles or mind games.

3)Ladies don’t curse

This is probably the one that gets me the most. As if my gender or genitalia has a bearing on my vocabulary. I curse, I cuss and I swear. It is part of my vernacular. Not because I am unintelligent, or not well read, or any of those other tropes. I use the words I do because I find them the most adequate and appropriate to express myself. And the idea that my expression should be policed based on my gender, well it is probably the height of offensiveness. Silencing someone’s expression of self is NOT OKAY. And doing with a big ass blanket of sexism, or racism or classism is super NOT OKAY.

Birth Chart Rectification

zodiac_constellationsSo, I’m an astrologer. Probably considered semi-professional since I do charts for other folks for pay. I also teach classes in beginning astrology. Today’s project is some chart rectification. Rectification is what is used to reverse engineer a chart. Most times I only need to rectify within 24 hours because I don’t have a birth time. But occasionally I will have to narrow down a much broader window.

There are several ways to do this. When it is a chart with no birth time, it is simply finding the houses that each planet belongs in. Usually the client will have a date and a place to work from. But when it is a broader window, for example in cases of adoption, we will have to put the planets into the right signs and degrees also. But for now, the chart I’m working today just needs a birth time.

Before I go into how I do it, I feel I need to say that this is a sort of advanced topic. I’m not a fan of avoiding the advanced stuff because one is new, but in this case there are several core skills that really need to be mastered in order to employ this art. So, if this article seems to go a bit fast, or comes with terms that don’t make sense, don’t give up, just practice those other skills first. I also must add that rectification is not an exact science, not that the rest of astrology is. It is speculative, different astrologers will arrive at different conclusions.

I also must say that rectification should be the last resort. When a client says ‘I don’t know’ try pursuing other avenues. In the case of natal charts, even stories from parents or older siblings may give you morning, evening, middle of the night, etc. Also, always check the official records. In the US each state should maintain something like a Department of Vital Statistics. Contact them, have your client request a copy of their birth certificate. It will cost a bit, but it is worth it. Most other countries have similar offices and record keeping methods. In other cases, again, check stories and legends. There are often clues hidden in many places. Do your research and pay attention to time telling words and descriptions. And of course do good research. Shoddy techniques lead to crappy results.

So, on to my methods for chart rectification. As with many other astrologers, in order to do rectification I use the whole house system. These days I’m even leaning more and more towards using whole house systems all the time. But, that aside, setting the chart with the signs and houses aligning brings the focus of the points for predictive astrology together. For we are simply working the predictions backwards.

The next step is to have a list of predictions to work backwards from. This means you need a list of major life events from your client. Or major events for the case. I prefer to ask for about 10-12 major life events that they have dates for. Spread out, a year or two in between at least is best. I try not to define what a ‘major life event’ is for the client. What they define as major and what makes the impression for them often helps with the rectification. I also explain I just need a brief description for each date, not a biography. For example;  3/12/88 – first child born, 6/14/84 – married, 7/9/80 – changed life paths, chose my new career as a public speaker, etc.

I start with a best guess chart. If they have no idea of the time, then I start with noon that day. If it was morning, then often around 10am, etc. Don’t get attached to this chart, it is hopefully going to change and get narrowed down. But you have to start somewhere. From this best guess chart, I do progressions and transits for each of the dates in the major life events list. I take my best guess chart and do the Arabic parts for all of those that don’t need house cusps for the calculations. I run both day and night calculations if I don’t know which kind of chart it is. For those important ones that do require house cusps, I will often run 12 of them, with each at the beginning or the middle of the sign all the way around the wheel. I have spread sheets set up to do these calculations quickly and easily. Where would we be without computers? If I’m having a tough time, or I’ve got less than I’d like to work with, I will do solar arcs for those dates also. But I tend to not use them as much.

Now, I identify all the sensitive spots in the chart, and eliminate those with natal planets already in them. Stuff happens when the four angles have transits or progressions. So if I’ve got a sensitive spot with no natal planet, it may be one of those four angles. The four angles are the Ascendant, Imum Coeli, Descendant, and Medium Coeli. The points we are looking for to determine birth time.

If I get lucky, I get 3 or more of the points lining up with one time and it is a pretty good indication that that chart is fairly close. Transits to natal planets must be eliminated as explanations for the events.

That sounds like a lot of work and a lot of charts. But, it is the collation of all that data that allows me to basically form a scatter plot and pick out the line that is most likely. If you are lucky and a good guesser you may only have to do this three or four times. Now, remember those stories? There is a downside. Sometimes the same wrong information is repeated again and again until it drowns out the original one. So occasionally, you will need to throw out that original best guess natal chart and try to plot a new one from the data you have, and see if that can match to a better possibility for a natal chart.

It is definitely an imprecise art. But the goal is to make a shot in the dark, with a few points of light to guide you.

Leftover Chicken Soup

Tonight’s dinner was quick and easy, made from about a half left over chicken. We had grabbed one of those whole roasted chickens at the store and had it with ceaser salad last night.

Leftover Chicken Soup
1/2 a chicken, cooked, deboned and chopped roughly
3 cups water
1/2 onion, chopped roughly
1-2 cups of a veggie (carrots, cabbage, celery, lettuce, potatoe, taro, water chestnuts, bamboo) chopped appropriately
1 package instant onion soup mix
3 tablespoons soy sauce
4 bundles of mung bean noodles
1 tablespoon miso paste

Put soup mix, onion, veggies, soy sauce and water in the pot, bring to a boil. Add chicken and noodles, return to a boil. Boil about 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in miso paste. Let rest a few minutes and enjoy.

It is a really simply recipe. Tonight I substituted garlic and herb soup mix for the onion instead. You could use any noodle you like, even ramen. I keep the fridge full of tupperware stocked with pre-chopped veggies. So it took me almost 9 minutes to prepare dinner.

Chicken and Pork Adobo

It is hot here! Like I could fry eggs on the hood of my car hot. The old-folk talk not only consists of who died, but of who got heat stroke. So, in longing for colder climes and the days when my crock pot bubbles up warm, hearty soups I am cleaning up my recipes. Here is a yummy recipe for Adobo

Chicken and Pork Adobo
1 cup cider vinegar
1 cup water
2-8 cloves peeled and crushed garlic
2 teaspoons salt
2 bay leaves
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 medium onion, chopped
1 lb chicken thighs
2 lbs pork butt, cut into 1 inch cubes
1 Tb soy sauce
A little bit of vegetable oil

Put everything but the oil in the crock pot and cover. Cook on high for about 2 hours, or low for about 4-6. Whatever it takes your crock pot to get the meat to melt-away soft.

Pour out the sauce into a skillet and reduce. If you are in a hurry you can also just stir in some thickener. Put the oil over the meat in the crock and pop in the oven under the broiler to brown it. When the sauce is thickened and the meat is brown, pour the sauce over the meat and serve hot or cold with rice and tortillas. Keeps fine when made ahead, it is great the next day too.

You might notice my recipe calls for no chili or other hot spice. That is because I have a pepper allergy. So if you want to add chili powder or other peppers, feel free.

Energies in the Earth


Fault Zones. Above some fault zones, various minerals and rocks have been violently mixed together, causing magnetic and electrical anomalies and even measurable variations in gravity. Far from being fixed, gravity, magnetism and the direction of true north on a compass may all vary at points on the surface of the earth. For example, the type metallic ore in rock determines its magnetic properties while the thickness of the earth’s crust or the altitude at a certain site can influence the measurable gravitational force. Under tectonic pressure, fault zones can show changing energy fields too. Some researchers suggest that fault zones might possibly cause altered states of consciousness in susceptible people.

Around the world, sacred sites are time and again found to be positioned
on fault lines. Just north of Flagstaff, Arizona, lies an ancient Anasazi site, Wapatki Pueblo (above), built over blowholes that inhale and exhale air over six-hour periods. These blowholes are openings in the earth that are connected to vast underground geological fault systems.

The Anasazi and other American Indians of the southwest dug holes in the floors of their kivas (circular subterranean ceremonial chambers), possibly with the intention of forming entrances to the sacred underworld. At Wapatki Pueblo, these holes connect directly to the blowholes beneath, which may indicate that fault systems played an essential part in Anasazi ceremonies.

Measuring radioactivity. At Long Meg in Cumbria, the Dragon Project discovered a few of the stones at the site contains small areas or nodes that emitted continuous streams of gamma radiation. These were the same stones that reportedly gave Peter Thomborrow his shock. While granite is usually slightly radioactive, these standing stones are unusual in that they appear to possess concentrated points of energy.

Radiation itself may not have been the cause of Thomborrow’s reported disorientation. Dragon Project researchers, however, have discovered zones of heightened natural radiation at ancient sites, caused by the presence of granite or other radioactive minerals, or an issue of radon gas from the ground, may have an effect on sensitive individuals.

At the Rollright Stone Circle (above) near Oxford, England, a series of measurements revealed a 1,000-foot length of the lane adjacent to it produces higher-than-normal background geiger counts. One possible explanation is this might be caused by energy-emitting rocks in the road’s foundation.

That specific stretch of road near the Rollright Stones has been the site of many curious experiences. Among these, witnesses have reported seeing a car containing two people disappear as it approached the stone circle; a huge, dog-like creature with coarse grey hair appears fleetingly and then vanishes; and an old-fashioned gipsy caravan that appeared and then just as suddenly disappeared. Although these strange sightings at the site might be explained away as mere optical illusion or simple misunderstandings, the people involved seemed to believe the sightings were part of some sort of hallucinatory effect caused by the site’s mysterious properties.

Effects of radiation. Other unexplained effects occur at sites that appear to exhibit enhanced natural radiation. Most of Europe’s underground chambers are found in areas with a high proportion of granite rocks or where stones with some degree of uranium in them have been found. Inside Chun Quoit (above), a 5,000-year-old Cornish dolmen (a type monument that consists of two or more upright stones supporting a horizontal slab), British archaeologist John Barnatt and a photographer, Brian Larkman, saw bands of light flashing along the bottom of the horizontal slab. Geiger counter readings that were significantly higher than normal background readings have reportedly been recorded at the dolmen.

Some researchers, including Blanche Merz, believe ancient builders were aware of the effects of radiation and chose sites in order to make use of “the play of natural forces.”

Source: Earth’s Mysterious Places