Blog Links

These links are my own personal library of bookmarks and sites that I visit repeatedly. If you find some are down, please let me know. Many of the sites are old and no longer updated, but I still go back and peruse them, or find they are valuable and share with my friends. Everything is listed alphabetically by category. I’ve tried to include a helpful description with each link.

Artists and Inspiration

John William Waterhouse

Beautiful paintings by this famous artist. Many of his works are witchcraft related.


Fiber Related Goodness

Adventures of a Stashaholic
Personal blog of another yarn-o-phile.

And She Knits Too!
Personal blog of a knitter and designer

Antique Pattern Library
A huge library of old needle work patterns, including knit, crochet, tatting, embroidery, macrame, and other needle arts. I absolutely love this site. It combines my loves of hand work, collecting and old stuff!

Crochet Me
The Interweave Press crochet site. They have forums and patterns and fun newsletters.

Personal blog about knitting, spinning, weaving, felting and embroidering.

Personal knitting blog.

Sheep, knitting, and wool.

Knit and Tonic
Patterns for sale and personal blog. More knitting!

Knitting Geek
How to instructions, galleries of finished objects and other collisions of knitting and geekiness.

Mason Dixon Knitting
Bi-regional knitting blog.

The huge, massively wonderful website for all things fiber. If you knit, crochet, spin and/or dye yarn you should totally check out this site. Please note I can’t be held responsible for the hours that will disappear from your life.

The resource for fixing knitting problems, for technical questions and so many tutorials it will make your head spin. An amazing website.

The Knit Wiki
Use the search box on the left to find all sorts of articles.

Wendy Knits
Personal knitting blog with patterns and handy tips.

Yarn Harlot
Much of a ramble about knitting, and then some more. A rather entertaining site.

You Knit What?? 
This blog is no longer being updated, but it is still great for a laugh on those days you need some knitting humor.

Heathen and Asatru

North East Heathen
The ramblings of an angry typer. Personal blog of a heathen recon.

A blog full of wonderful information about the Saami people.

The Musings of a Mental Midgardian
Personal blog of a fellow Heathen.

Well by the Tree
A kindred blog from Kansas, discussing all manner of things Heathen and Asatru.


Traditional Witchcraft and Hedge Witchery

A Forest Door
An excellent personal blog of a Traditional Witch and her journey.

A Mage’s Blog
A great blog from a fellow magician and alchemist.

Adventures in Witchery
A red-haired, awesomely bearded Witch from Texas muses on magic, the state of Witchcraft today, baking, and being a Seeker of Traditional Wicca.

The Alchemist’s Garden

Alchemy Works
A fellow wortcunner who crafts wonderful incenses and oils, and many other great things. He also sells seeds for lots of hard to find witchy herbs.

Candlesmoke Chapel

The Crossroads Companion
Kinda like the the Prairie Home Companion, but only less actual prairie, and a lot more crossroads.

Head For the Red
A wonderful blog by a fellow magician who discusses many diverse and difficult topics of interest to any magical worker.

The Hermitage

Museum of Witchcraft Blog
The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle.

North Woven Broom Co. – Handcrafted Brooms
Beautiful hand crafted brooms, to drool over and order.

About the heritage of the Orkney Islands.

The Primal Heart

Rue’s Kitchen 
Traditional Italian Witchcraft, folk magic and folk medicine.

Sarah Anne Lawless
The blog, shop, and art of Sarah Lawless, a practicing Traditional Witch. Formerly the Witch of Forest Grove.
The Sleeping Giant

The Starry Cave

Stitch Witch Cottage

Warts N’ All