Bindings, Tyings and Other Controls

As workers of magic and users of the occult, we are equipped with the awesome power to control others. It is plainly obvious that with these more potent powers come more potent consequences and reactions. And, hence, these are touchy subjects. They produce results, and are acting on others directly, and ethics are at the core of most of these subjects. Exactly how to accomplish these feats is often not shared, because it is thought to be dangerous to place automatic weapons in the hands of babes.

So, what exactly is the ethical question here? Is it interfering with another’s free will? Do people even have free will? Is it making people unequal, by having power over them? Are people even equal to begin with? Is it flying in the face of some greater power, a God perhaps? Or are the Gods even concerned with such nigglings of humans? All of these questions need answered, in full, before one can proceed with such work. And it is not something that someone else can answer for you. It has to be answered from your own heart.

Different cultures and their respective teachings will definitely influence your opinions on the matter. For myself, I have been debating these questions lately. The target of the binding happens to be someone who I think of as being on semi-equal footing with myself. And they have been there longer than I, for I remember seeing them as a great teacher to learn from. And no, I am not suffering from fallen-pedestal syndrome. I am aware that our teachers have their faults, just as all humans do. And just for the books, I have not been on either side of a student-teacher relationship with him. I have simply grown from where I was many moons back. I am not really convinced of the doctrine of free will. It seems a bit, well, holey to say the least. I believe that individuals who can achieve a level of awareness and self-power can weave their own fate, and back away far enough from the tapestry of life to see where their thread may lead. Hence, they can make some necessary changes to the larger design in order to lead their thread onto a new path. But there are some things that can not be changed in this way. The overall pattern must still remain. The pattern must flow seamlessly from one ‘time’ to another. And there are other things to consider in this larger awareness, and hence larger responsibility. For our awareness governs our responsibility directly.

But, back to the semi-original thought. The target for this current binding is simply not doing as he says. He asks others to keep silent, while he continues to talk on. This disturbs me because it has directly impacted me negatively, and caused me pain, and those of my family unrest. And so after a couple of attempts to reason with this fellow, I find myself turning to my bag of tricks, quite literally. I do not seek harm with this binding, nor do I seek to really restrict the person against their will. I simply wish to bind them to their own words. So, is this an ethical pursuit? Does this cause harm, even though that is not my goal? With my greater awareness of the situation, and the tapestry, am I performing a responsible action?

All of these questions are still keeping me up at nights, as I await the correct alignments in the heavens. ‘Time’ is running short, but I know I must enter into the contract with a dedication and resoluteness or the work will fail. And, so this currently hangs heavy on my mind as the day approaches.