Please Bear with Me

construction1aPlease bear with me here for a few weeks. I am moving the old site over and updating everything. That is 5 years worth of archives that are being re-indexed, and re-posted.

But, it is worth it! The new site will be much better than before. Feel free to go back and browse through these extensive archives whenever something new pops up. All sorts of things will appear out of the aether as the dust settles.

Thank you for your patience!

The Compulsion has Finally Won.


Everyone is doing it. There are themed blogs, and random blogs, and blogs about blogging. Why is it that our ego leads us to post our personal thoughts on the world wide web as if someone out there really cares? Are we so voyeuristic that we must pry into the diaries of others to get our jollies off? HELL YES. Errr…. I mean, no, I have noble pursuits for doing this. Sharing my thoughts, my hobbies, and my meaningless ravings anonymously will help me achieve some greater spiritual goal, or something. Oh yes, and a podcast and such like.

Perhaps through the pouring out of my thoughts, inanities, and complaints some poor soul out there, silhouetted by the monitor’s warm glow, will find inner peace or at least a giggle at my expense. So grab your tein and stave, get astride your three legged stool and inhale the vapors of a dying snake and come across the hedge with me. Or you know, however you get there.