Crocheted Jacket and a New Idea

Today I thought I would share with you my crocheted jacket. This is the first garment I crocheted. It is all granny squares as you can see. And it was an exceedingly simple construction.

I used Red Heart acrylic yarns, because it was what I had. I also have some bits of scraps from my yarn stash here and there. Each square is four rounds, with three different colors for the center, and a black round for the border.

I made four half grannies for the neckline. Each sleeve is 4 wide by 4 squares long. The back is 6 squares by 5 squares. Each front is 6 squares tall and 3 squares wide, With the second row being 5 tall, and the third being 4 tall, with the half grannies stepping it down. So that is a total of 92 squares!

The bottom edge has squares that have a really intense red in them. It was a scrap ball and I managed to just get these squares out of it for the bottom edge.

It is all attached with a single crochet in black. I have been secretly debating about extending the bottom so it would be around mid-calf length. Right now it hits around mid-thigh.

I have not put an edging on it, since I keep thinking I am going to extend it. But in the meantime I haven’t been making granny squares either, so perhaps some day.

This is what I am currently working on now. The picture is my inspiration. I am making the basket. At first I thought about just using a coil method to weave the basket. But honestly, I haven’t done that since middle school, and I thought I might do better just simple crocheting.

I am crocheting over a piece of wire as I go, so that it will be a bit heavier and stiffer. I want to use it for dancing, just like in the photo. Weight is really important. I may even go grab my lead curtain weight and crochet over that for the base too.

Right now it is on an H hook, but I am thinking I might start working with two strands in each crochet and go up to an I or a J. I am still experimenting to get the look I want.

I am also going to browse the raffia when I go do the shopping this afternoon. Perhaps that will give me more the look I want.

This second photo shows the other colors I have picked out to add in later. The background will be the light tan color I already have in there.

I am excited to make one, because these big baskets are very hard to find around here. And I am not to keen on mail ordering something I want to be able to balance on my head. I like to try it on before buying, and with them running anywhere from $50 to $200 each, I want to make sure I get what I want.

So I am hoping this little experiment turns out well.