Leaping Deer! Oh My!

I am nearly finished pinning my deer down to the background fabric. This filet project was my first attempt at filet crochet. Nothing like diving into the deep end. The photo to the right is just after I finished, before blocking. I laid it out on the green linen I had obtained to admire my year’s worth of work. Yes, an entire year.
I created this as a devotional item, praying and chanting over each and every stitch. I worked on it during liminal periods, as it was my goal to convert that time in my life into something I could recognize as useful, and as a gift to my gods. And so, I chose this design, and only worked on it at those in between times. This meant carrying it everywhere with me, all the time. But I found that it felt good to have it in the bag by my side. I became very familiar with the feel of the cotton thread, and the rhythm of the crochet. 
Here is a photo after I finished blocking it, on my lovely plaid scrap fabric. It came out to around 45″ x 37″ finished. I have hemmed the linen and am currently pinning it down. Then I will put the hanging tabs on. I am not sure how I want to attach it to the linen yet. I could sew it down invisibly with sewing thread, or I could turn the attachment into an embellishment also. Since it is such a beautiful fabric, I have thought about adding some drawn thread work around the edge as a border. I do plan on working some macrame tassels into the bottom edge somehow, but I haven’t decided out of what fiber, or how many, or what dimensions.
Here is a link to the original pattern and chart. I made it out of a hand spun cotton that is 1 mm in thickness. I used a size 7 US steel hook, and made it with a 4dc mesh. Luckily the cotton I had was extremely long, and I made this from one thread with no knots.