Ramble On

Sleep and his Half-brother Death. By John William Waterhouse
Sleep and his Half-brother Death. By John William Waterhouse

Well, it has been an eventless morning. We were supposed to go and sell herbs at the local farmer’s market, but it was raining and hailing something terrible at 6:30am when we went to setup. We bailed. I just didn’t think the dried herbs would hold up, and I had some fresh plantain, but I didn’t want it to get damaged.

So my witchy sister and I decided to retreat back to our waterbeds.

In garden news, the morning glories are taking off, and I had some huge pumpkin seedlings come up in the seed pots yesterday morning. Just dirt when I went to bed, and then two 5 inch seedlings the next morning. I am also absolutely inundated with tomatoes and watermelons! When I went to transplant the volunteer tomato plants, there were a lot more than I thought. I had originally estimated around 40 or so plants, it is a lot more like 90. And the little seedlings are getting huge. And all of the watermelon seeds sprouted! I thought I might get half, so I went ahead and planted all of them. Oh well, now I am also distributing watermelon sprouts along the with tomato seedlings.

Fact for the day: Calamine is another name for zinc carbonate.

New House, New Job, New Shawl

If only this were the house!
If only this were the house!

Wow, where has the time gone?

So much has been happening lately. We are buying a house, and the negotiations have been crazy. But I think we are done!! We signed what they agreed to yesterday, so I am hoping it all goes through and we can get on to the closing at the end of November.

I also started a new job on Monday, and it has used up a whole lot of my time! And I am only part time this week. I start full time tomorrow! Ack.

In the mean time I got my invite to Ravelry!!! I am so stoked. But I am a little disappointed that I won’t have time to use it! I have met lots of neat people so far at my job, working as an order taker over the phone. It’s not glamorous or like my dream career, but it pays, and that’s what counts right now.

I can crochet on my breaks, so I have started the famous seraphina shawl. And I guess I am conforming, because not only am I stitching up a shawl that has been done by everyone, but I am using the Jo-Ann’s Sensations Boucle to do it!! It looks gorgeous all worked up, but it is a bitch to work with. My hook sticks, it doesn’t slide, it is near impossible to frog, and I can’t go very fast with it. At least this whole shawl only involves dcs and chs.

I have much more to blog about, but I am running out of time! I won’t be able to catch much tonight. Perhaps soon.

I do have a new pattern that I am putting the finishing touches on. Men’s slippers. I think I will sell the pattern online once I finish the testing. There seems to be a dearth of men’s patterns. All of the men in my family are raving about them, so I think they have passed the product testing phase!