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Episode 1: Shame and Guilt Culture
Recipe: Ham and Beans

Episode 2: Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Fair
Recipe: Herb Butter

Episode 3: Prisons and Heathenry
Recipe: Chai Tea

Episode 4: The Story of Thor and Thrym
Recipe: Insalata Caprese

Episode 5: Physicality in Heathen Concepts
Recipe: Beef Stroganoff

Episode 6: The Six Swans
Recipe: Acorn Squash

Episode 7: Service as a Gythia with Destiny Ballard
Recipe: Meatloaf

Episode 8: Donkey Cabbages
Recipe: Deviled Eggs

Episode 9: Druidry and Heathenry with Larry Porter
Recipe: Cauliflower Casserole

Episode 10: The Tale of Thorstein
Recipe: Tonjiru

Episode 11: Frith and Grith
Recipe: 7 Dandelion Recipes

Episode 12: Rumble Mumble Goose-Egg
Recipe: Chicken Shawarma

Episode 13: Subcultures with Brad Selby
Recipe: Tahini and Tzatziki sauces

Episode 14: The Old King
Recipe: Mozzarella Cheese

Episode 15: Facilitating Growth in Heathenry through the Healthy Support of Religious Conversion
Recipe: Fermented Whey Drinks

Episode 16: The Tinder Box
Recipe: Zucchini Lasagna

Episode 17: Gifting with Ralph Romig
Recipe: Bread and Beet Kvass

mini-Episode 18: UPG Attack and Defense
Recipe: Chicken and Pork Adobo

Episode 19: Hedge Crossing
Recipe: Homemade Yogurt & Holiday Leftover Casserole

Episode 20: The Singing Bone
Recipe: Usvar & Kutia

Episode 21: Yule Stories. Poems and Recipes
Recipes: Snow Candy, Yule Porridge, Snow Icecream, Lussekatter, & Pepparkakor

Episode 22: Bandamana Saga
Recipe: Cream Cheese

Episode 23: Housewights
Recipes: Crock Pot Ribs, Dry Rub, and BBQ Sauce

Video Archive

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Amber set in copper Mjölnir with a trefoil design

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Jomswikingr 2016 (from Midwest Wintermoot)

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Live: Making and Amber Cascade Necklace

Live: Chat and Craft-Tarot Art Journal and Pendants

Live: Chat and Craft-Pen Holder

Clear Stamp and Thin Die Storage for less than $20

Episode 23: HousewightsClick here to listen!

Episode 23: Housewights

This week we are talking about Housewights, and wights in general. We explore the linguistic roots of the words, and some history and traditions from various cultures, and a few taboos.

The household hint is for blocking weeds, the herb section is about mid-winter edibles, wildcrafting, and plant allies, and the practical section is about navigating without a compass, or a watch.

The recipe this week is for dry roasting ribs in your crock pot, along with a dry rub and homemade bbq sauce.

This episode is 1 hour and 14 minutes long.

Show notes and recipes

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